It’s the age-old question of ‘what exactly is the line between good and evil?’ and ‘what is the delineation between a cop and a criminal?’
— Eriq LaSalle

In a matter of weeks, three African-American police officers have been publicly and brutally murdered in the state of Virginia. The pressure is on law enforcement officials to stop the viciously calculated killer(s) and to do it quickly. An elite, yet experimental F.B.I. unit, formed specifically to investigate high profile crimes, is called in to head the investigation. Under the leadership of Special Agent Gabriel Santana, this F.B.I. team matches its investigators with hardened criminals who are currently incarcerated for having committed crimes similar in nature to the case they are trying to solve. In this particular instance, it means working with a racist-militia leader serving a life sentence, a man that would rather help the murderer(s) than see the killing-spree stop.

25 TO LIFE— because sometimes enforcing the law is criminal.

Writer: Doug Wagner, Eriq LaSalle
Art: Tony Shasteen
Color: JD Mettler
Cover: Tony Shasteen
Editor: Keven Gardner
Design: Eben Matthews